How to take care of rented stuff and what to do, if:

How to take care of a bike during rental period?

If final drive od a bike is a chain, it should be lubricated every 500 km. Chain spray is part of bike´s equipment.

What is covered by insurance?

You can find a brief lift here or in the business conditions.

Subject of contract and rental period

  1. Upon signing the rental contract the renter must identify himself by two identification documents (drivers licence, ID card, passport), or by Trade licence / extract from the Commercial Register.
  2. By the contract the lessor lets the vehicle mentioned in the contract to the renter including selected accessories and the renter by this contract accepts the vehicle to rent. Furthermore, the renter by signing this contract obligates to pay rent for vehicle within maturity and to use the vehicle for dedicated purposes only.

All this together further in the contract as a “subject of rent”.

  1. The contracting parties have agreed that if the accessories are damaged or unsealed, the renter is obliged to replace the item with the same item with a new and undamaged one, or is obliged to pay the lessor the value of such item in cash.
  2. The subject of the lease, specified in the contract, is intended only and solely for operation on public roads specified in the Act on Traffic on Land and the Act to be governed by this Act.
  3. The lease of a means of transport is agreed for a definite period specified in the contract.

The rental period can be adjusted by an amendment to this contract.

  1. The object of the rent will be handed over to the renter together with the necessary documents (insurance confirmation, vehicle registration certificate) at the lessor’s premises, unless otherwise agreed.

Mileage on tachometer of the leased object is recorded in the contract at the time of delivery.


Rental periods

  1. The object of rent can be picked up handed back on working days from 8 AM to 12 AM and 1 PM to 4:30 PM at the address mentioned at footer.
  2. Definition of rental term

Weekend rental

  • Pick-up Friday after 12 AM, hand back Monday till 12 AM

One-day rental

  • Pick-up after 8 AM, hand back next day till 12 AM

More days rental

  • Pick-up first day after 12 AM, hand back last day of rent till 4:30 PM


Price and performance

  1. The cost of the agreed rent is according to the current price list on the day of booking. Within three days of booking, the renter will receive a proforma invoice for the advance payment of 100 % of the total rental price. This invoice is due in 5 days.
  2. The proforma invoice includes the terms and conditions. Payment of the proforma invoice commits to compliance with the terms of the contract
  3. Upon signing the contract, the renter shall pay to the lessor a refundable deposit in the amount specified in the contract. This deposit is 100% refundable if the leased object is returned in the condition specified in paragraph I. part 3 of these terms and conditions.


Rights and responsibilities of the lessor

  1. The lessor undertakes to hand over to the renter a vehicle suitable for operation and for the usual purpose of use and to provide him with basic instructions on its operation.
  2. The lessor reserves the right to inspect the subject of the rent. The inspection will always be carried out by mutual agreement with the renter.
  3. In case of impossibility to use the subject of the rent caused by the lessor, the lessor undertakes to reduce the rental cost by an amount proportional to the amount of the lease.


Rights and responsibilities of the renter

  1. The renter is obliged to use the vehicle in the usual way and to keep it in the condition in which it was taken over, taking into account the usual wear and tear. The renter is entitled to use the subject of the lease for another person, in which case the renter specified in the contract is always liable for any damage to the subject of the rent.
  2. In the event of any damage caused to the subject of the rent, the renter is obliged to immediately report this fact to the lessor and also to the police and request proof of the investigation. The renter is liable for damages caused to the subject of the lease up to CZK 10 000 for each individual damage or up to 5 % of the price of the motorcycle in the event of major damage. In the case of damage caused by a third party during road traffic, the renter is liable for all damages in the event that a possible traffic accident is not immediately reported to the competent administrative authority..
  3. The renter is fully liable for damages caused by non-compliance with the Act on Traffic on Roads or negligence of the renters obligations under this contract. The renter undertakes to pay for damages caused by him and any towing cost of the damaged object of the rent. The price list for service work and towing can be viewed at
  4. The renter is obliged to hand over the rented object to the lessor immediately after the expiration of the term specified in the contract, in perfect condition and cleanliness. Any cleaning and repairs will be charged according to the service price list.
  5. The contracting parties have agreed on a contractual penalty in the amount of CZK 5 000 for each day of the renter’s delay in returning the subject of the lease..



Motorcycles have a compulsory liability with the Kooperativa insurance company. The insurance also includes accident insurance. The General Terms and Conditions for Insurance RH-980/19 are also part of the General Terms and Conditions.


Termination of rent

  1. The rent under this contract terminates at the end of the agreed rental period, by agreement of the contracting parties, termination by either party and in the event of destruction or theft of the leased object.
  2. The reason for termination is a breach of any obligation of the contracting party arising from this contract or from the relevant provisions of law.
  3. In case of cancellation after payment of the proforma invoice, this deposit will be 100% forfeited to the lessorl.
  4. In case of early termination of the rent, the unused part of the rental cost will not be returned.


Final agreements

  1. The contract was drawn up in electronic form, each of the contracting parties will receive an electronic copy of the document. Amendments and changes to this contract will be forwarded only in writing.
  2. The contract is concluded by agreement of both parties for a definite period according to the agreement in Article I, paragraph 5 of these conditions and the period is specified in the order.

Both parties have duly read the terms and conditions, including all amendments to the terms and conditions of insurance and protection and processing of personal data, they unconditionally agree with its content, as evidenced by their handwritten signatures.

What is the guarantee for bike and when is it paid?

Guarantee is paid by cash or by bank transfer before bike rental and is returned after the bike is handed over back. Guarantee will cover damage cost in case of accident up to participation fee of insurance.

What shall I do if accident happens?

In case of accident it is necessary to contact the lessor, call the police and if there is an injury, call emergency.

What if I damage rented stuff or bike?

Any damage must be reported to the rental company and then to the police, if the damage cost is higher than guarantee. The renter is responsible for damage cost up to guarantee or 5 % of bike´s price.

I am allowed to ride the bike in forest or on circuit?

No way, bike can only be used on public roads.

What to do if there is a puncture?

In case of flat tyre use repair kit in bike´s equipment (you will be charged for consumed material only). If there is more serious damage, it will be reported as insurance case and you will pay for new tyre. For assistance you can contact insurance company.

I have difficulities making the order. What shall I do?

Please make sure, that all fields are filled correctly. If problem perstists, contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

Is it possible to return the bike somewhere else?

You should return the bike at the same place, where you rented it. However, it is possible to hand it over at a place agreed in advance by phone call.